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Pay Parity between Military and Civilian Personnel

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Pay Parity between Military and Civilian Personnel

The 7th Central Pay Commission (CPC), an expert body constituted by the Government, gave its  recommendations on emolument structure of government employees, including personnel belonging
to Defence Forces, after due consultation with various stakeholders and thorough examination of various aspects involved. The Commission recommended separate Pay Matrix for Defence Forces
after considering: (i)principles and philosophy adopted in devising the Pay Matrix for civilian employees; and (ii)some of the aspects in the rank structure unique to Defence Forces. The Government accepted the Commission’s recommendations on Minimum Pay, Fitment Factor, Index of Rationalization, Pay Matrices and general recommendations on pay with certain exceptions in Defence Pay Matrix, namely, (i)revision of Index of Rationalization of Level 13A (Brigadier) from 2.57 to 2.67; and (ii)addition of three stages in Level 12A (Lt Colonel), three stages in Level 13 (Colonel), and two stages in Level 13A (Brigadier).

As and when issues regarding anomalies in the pay of defence personnel are brought to notice, the same are examined by the Government, on case to case basis.

This information was given by Minister of State for Defence Dr. Subhash Bhamre in a written reply to Shri Sultan Ahmed and others in Lok Sabha today.

Poor Functioning of CGHS

Poor Functioning of CGHS

Some grievances have been received from CGHS beneficiaries through grievance portals and other channels regarding functioning of CGHS. These are mainly regarding non-issue of medicines, plastic cards, shortage of doctors/ specialists and long queue of patients in Wellness Centres.

Following action has been taken by the government in this regard:
(i) Appointment of retired doctors on contract basis as a stop gap arrangement to fill the vacant posts.

(ii) Medicines, which are not available at CGHS Wellness Centres are procured through Authorized Local Chemists.

(iii) A special drive was undertaken to clear the pendency of issue of CGHS Plastic cards

(iv) Option for self-printing of CGHS cards for existing CGHS beneficiaries.

(v) Introduction of on-line registration for consultation at selected Wellness Centres in Bengaluru and in one zone in Delhi.

(vi) Initiation of tele-consultation on trial basis in Delhi from two CGHS Wellness Centres with specialists of Dr. R.M.L Hospital.

Regular internal audits and also external audits/studies on the functioning of CGHS have been carried out. 

Outcome of some of the important studies are as under:

 (i) Staff Inspection Unit (SIU) was carried out by Ministry of finance for Staff Pattern Norms based on patient attendance.  Recommendations of the SIU have been implemented.

(ii) Based on the study carried out by Kaul Committee, computerization of all the CGHS Wellness Centres has been done

(iii) On the basis of recommendations of the CAG Audit on procurement of medicines, Medical Stores Organization (MSO) has initiated e-tender for procurement of Anti Cancer and other Lifesaving medicines. It has also been decided to procure only L1 Rate medicines under formulary for Branded Medicines.

(iv) Committee of Secretaries (COS) has also been monitoring the functioning of CGHS since 2008 and various steps have been implemented to make CGHS beneficiary friendly. As per the recommendations of COS, UTI-ITSL has been appointed as Bill Clearing Agency for settlement of credit bills of empanelled hospitals and diagnostic centres pertaining to the treatment of CGHS pensioner beneficiaries.

(v)  The functioning of CGHS is also monitored by the Hon’ble Prime Minister and as per the directions under ‘PRAGATI’, the process of linking of Aadhar Number with CGHS beneficiary Numbers has been started.

A special drive was undertaken to clear the pendency of issue of CGHS Plastic cards. Provision has been made for self-printing of CGHS cards by existing CGHS beneficiaries.

(vi) DAR&PG conducted a study through Quality Council of India (QCI)   to identify   areas of Grievances in Different Ministries and organizations including CGHS and suggested possible solutions.

Based on the inputs so received:

  • Financial Powers of Additional Directors of CGHS have been enhanced for early settlement of medical claims of Pensioners.
  • Introduction of on-line registration for consultation at selected Wellness Centres in Bengaluru and in one zone in Delhi.
  • Aadhar-based Bio-metric attendance for the staff at CGHS Wellness Centres has been implemented in Delhi and NCR.

The following steps have been taken for improvement in the functioning of CGHS in the country:

1. Regular Inspection of Wellness Centres is carried out.

2. Monthly advisory committee meetings are held for each Wellness Centres with CMO   (Incharge)

3. Regular monitoring of empanelled hospitals by a team constituted by Additional Directors, CGHS of cities for this purpose.

4. Regular meeting of Additional Directors, CGHS with pensioner associations.

SMS alert facility to CGHS beneficiaries.

The Minister of State (Health and Family Welfare), Sh Faggan Singh Kulaste stated this in a written reply in the Lok Sabha here today.

7th Pay Commission: Enhanced allowances with arrears to be paid in January

7th Pay Commission: Enhanced allowances with arrears to be paid in January

New Delhi: The government is going to pay of enhanced allowances to its 4.8 million central government employees according to 7th Pay Commission recommendations in January along with five months arrears, when situation will return to normalcy after cash crunch period.

The payments will be made after cabinet nod following the the committee on allowances report, the finance ministry source said.

The government has to pay the arrears of enhanced allowances this time because the enhanced allowances under recommendations of 7th Pay Commission have not been paid in August when the pay hike and its arrears were paid, he added.

The committee on allowances, which was set up in July this year on the direction of the cabinet, is looking into the provision of allowances other than dearness allowance under the 7th Pay Commission recommendations as the pay commission had recommended of abolishing 51 allowances and subsuming 37 others out of 196 allowances.

The committee met up with the deadline of four months given to it by the cabinet to submit the report, the official revealed.

We are ready to submit our report, when the Finance Minister Arun Jaitley calls up, the committee on allowances head Finance Secretary Ashok Lavasa said recently.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi scrapped Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes, which accounted for 86% of all cash in the economy, in a move to catch out Indians with black money, earned by corrupt means or evading taxes. But a bumpy rollout of the new currency has seen millions of people line up outside banks and ATMs.

The situation is worse in in all India. There is an acute shortage of cash supply. Dirty, soiled and non-issuable notes are also being re-circulated.

So, people continue to suffer after demonetisation from November 9 on account of cash crunch and it compels the Finance Minister Arun Jaitley to keep in abeyance the enhanced allowances till things normalize and it is likely to implement from January next with arrears, Finance Ministry official today told on condition of anonymity.

Model Recruitment Rules for the various categories of posts in the Draughtsman cadre

Model Recruitment Rules for the various categories of posts in the Draughtsman cadre

No. AB-14017/7/2013-Estt (RR)
Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, PG and Pensions
Department of Personnel & Training
New Delhi
Dated the 23 rd November , 2016


Subject: Model Recruitment Rules for the various categories of posts in the Draughtsman cadre - reg.

The Department of Personnel and Training is considering issuing Model RRs for the various categories of posts in the Draughtsman cadre. The revised Model Recruitment Rules for the same are enclosed to this Office Memorandum.

2. It is requested to send comments on the same to positively by 21st December, 2016
(G. Jayanthi)
Director (E-I)

Click to Download : Model Recruitment Rules for the various categories of posts in the Draughtsman cadre

Updating Bank Details of Public Authorities (PAs) in RTIMIS for transfer of 'RTI Fees' and 'Additional Payment received through RTI online portal

No.1/l/2013-IR (Vol-V)
Government of India
Ministry of Personnel Public Grievances and Pensions
Department of Personnel & Training
North Block, New Delhi.
Dated 24th November, 2016

Subject: Updating Bank Details of Public Authorities (PAs) in RTIMIS for transfer of  'RTI Fees' and 'Additional Payment' received through RTI online portal - reg.

With reference to the subject mentioned above, the undersigned is directed to say that, as per existing procedure, the 'RTI Fees' and 'Additional Payment' received by the Public Authorities (PAs) through RTI online portal, are being deposited into the consolidated account of Government of India. However, of late, demands have been received from several PAs (other than the Central Ministries/Departments) for transfer of 'Additional Payments' & 'RTI Fees', to their respective bank accounts.

2. In the light of suggestions and feedbacks received from various PAs (i.e. attached /subordinate offices, autonomous bodies and PSUs etc) who are currently using RTI online web portal of DoP&T, it has been decided to initiate the process where the amount received from the citizen in form of 'RTI Fees' and 'Additional Payments' (if any) will be credited to the concerned PA's bank account.

3 . Accordingly, all Nodal Officers of attached/subordinate offices, autonomous bodies and PSUs (other than the Central Ministries/ Departments) are requested to update the Bank details of their respective organization on their RTI online portal. NIC has already provided facility to Nodal Office to fill in their bank details online. This data can be used by the bank for transferring the 'fees' to the concerned organization/PAs.

4. Following details are required to be fed by Nodal officer (Nodal officer Account -> Utilities -> Bank Details):
1. Name of Bank
2. Branch Name
3. IFS Code
4. Account Number

5. For any clarification and further information please contact: Project Monitoring Unit (PMU) at 0 11-24648977 /78 or

Source: Dopt Orders 2016

Meeting on 7th CPC Allowances: View points of BPMS

Meeting on 7th CPC Allowances: View points of BPMS
REF: BPMS / MOD / 07th CPC / Allowances / 251A (8/2/M)

Dated: 23.11.2016
The Dy Secretary (CP),
Govt of India, Min of Defence,
Sena Bhawan, DHQ PO,
New Delhi 110011

Subject: Meeting on Allowances: View points of BPMS
Reference: This federation’s letter of even no. dated 15.11.2016

Respected Sir,
With due regards, your attention is invited to power point presentation in the meeting held on 18.11.2016 under the chairmanship of Defence Secretary on the allowances payable on the recommendations of 7th CPC.

Some of the following issues raised during the meeting, need to be considered by the committee in addition to the points mentioned by BPMS vide letter cited under reference:

1. Extra Work Allowance (Chapter No. 8.3) (Para 8.3.23):
(a) Caretaking Allowance (Para 8.3.20) at the rate of 10% of Basic Pay is being paid to Group ‘C’ Staff. Now 7th CPC has recommended for 2% of Basic Pay per month. It is demanded that this Care taking Allowance should also be admissible to Defence Civilians performing the similar duties.

2. Allowances related to Knowledge Updates (Chapter 8.4)
(a) Professional Update Allowance (Para 8.4.7): This allowance should be extended to Group 'A', 'B' & 'C' incumbents engaged in Ordnance Development Centre (OFB), Group 'B' & 'C' of DRDO and Laboratory Technicians in Pathology of Govt Hospitals.

3. Allowances related to Working on Holidays (Chapter 8.6)
(a) Holiday Monetary Compensation (Para 8.6.6): Group 'B' Gazetted Supervisory Staff (Junior Works Manager) in Ord Fys have to work on Sunday and other holidays. This allowance should be extended to this Cadre also.

4. Qualification Allowance (Chapter 8.9)
(a) Air Worthiness Certificate Allowance (Para 8.9.5): At present this allowance is being paid to Technical Tradesman in Aircraft trade @ Rs. 225/- to 450/- per month. But their Civilian counterparts are not granted this allowance. This should be looked into.

5. Allowances related to Risk and Hardship (Chapter 8.10)

(a) Boiler Watch Keeping Allowance (Para 8.10.7): Presently it is admissible to Boiler Watch Keepers on Naval Ships @ Rs. 3000/- per month. Similar nature of work is performed by the Boiler Attendants of Ord Fys. Hence, this allowance should be admissible to Boiler Attendants of OFB.

(b) Field Area Allowance (Para 8.10.18):
This allowance is granted to Defence, CAPF and Indian Coast Guard. Civilian counterparts of Ministry of Defence should also be granted the Field Area Allowance.

(c) Operation Theatre Allowance (Para 8.10.35):
This allowance @ Rs. 240/ per month is granted to Staff Nurse in Central Government Hospitals, who work in ICU/Operation Theatre. This federation is not agree with the 7th CPC's recommendation (Para 8.10.80) to abolish this allowance as the amount is meagre rate. Hence, this allowance should be continued and enhanced.

(d) Submarine Technical Allowance (Para 8.10.54):
It is granted to Naval Artificers and Mechanicians for the period they are deployed for submarine maintenance duties. The present rate is Rs.300 pm. Civilian counterparts of Navy should also be granted this allowance.

6. Allowance related to Travel (Chapter 8.15)
(a) Daily Allowance (Para 8.15.15): The 7th CPC has recommended for reimbursement of Travelling Charges for Level 5 and below at the rate of Rs. 113 per day. This is very meagre amount. Hence, it should be enhanced to Rs. 200 per day.

(b) TA on Transfer (Para 8.15.41)
The 7th CPC has recommended for reimbursement of charges on transportation of personal effects at the rate of Rs. 25 per km for Level 5 and Rs. 15 per km for Level 4 and below category. It is not understandable how a transporter will discriminate among the employees of different categories for rate for transportation by road. Hence, it is demanded that the rate for transportation by road should be equal for all categories of employees.

This is submitted for your kind consideration and necessary action.

Thanking you.

Sincerely yours
Secretary/BPMS &
Member, JCM-II Level Council (MOD)

Source: BPMS

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